Please consider becoming an Organ Donor - Soy Wax - Eco Friendly - Hand Poured in Small Batches

About our candles & Us

About Me-


Thank you for supporting my small business.  It all came about when I was blessed to receive a donor liver on 12/9/2019.  Without this precious gift, I wouldn’t’ have made it to the end of that year.

During my third admission to Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami  for organ rejection, I was still of the mindset that I would survive.  Even when the Doctors would make their rounds and look at me with little to offer but to try this, or to try that, I kept my faith because I believe in Miracles. 

 One day during my last admission, when the Doctors left, I was visited by and Angel.  He came into my room and told me that I “was going to be just fine”.  I took his message as an affirmation of my Faith.  I’ve been doing well ever since.

I knew when I left that hospital that I wanted to do something to give back.   Even if it was in some small way.  I prayed about how a small person like me could make a difference.

Not only was I confined at home because of my very low Immune system, but Covid as well.  I took up candle making as a hobby and to help me keep busy and pass the time.  Then one day it came to me.   I could make a candle to sell and give some of the proceeds back to the hospital to help the families of the transplant patient’s while they were admitted.  The hotels and restaurants near the area are very expensive and some families stay around the Hospital to be near their family member.

I’ve made a small candle that while burning reveals the message, “Miracles Happen”.  It is also the slogan of the hospital.  Part of the proceeds of this candle will be donated to help family members purchase food, perhaps bus or train tickets, or to offset the cost of hotels.  This is a non-scented candle made of 100% Soy Wax.  No toxins and are eco-friendly.

I urge you to help me with my cause and purchase these for yourself or a family member or friends.  I thank you in advance, and I would like to take this opportunity to ask you to please consider becoming an organ donor.  You too could someday be someone’s Angel.

Thank you!

About our Candles

Our candles are made from 100% Soy wax, free from carcinogens, toxins and other potentially hazardous chemicals.  They are hand poured in small batches with good energy and love.  The wax we use is made from American grown soy beans.  They are eco-friendly, and support American Farmers.

The candles are made with clean fragrances to create safer home fragrance products that you and your family can enjoy with confidence.

These candles are homemade. They are poured, wicked and labeled by hand, and therefore there may be some slight differences between candles and their tops.  Soy burns a little different than candles made with Paraffin.   After each burning, you may notice a ring around the top of the candle.  This is perfectly normal and does not in any way, affect the candle performance.